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Re-Starting Photography After Losing All My Work

In April 2015 I backed up all my Photography onto a band new external powered HHD. My laptop at the time had taken a serious beating over the years due to a mixture of neglect and a youthful busy life style.

The HHD subsequently failed just after the laptop itself expired, forever casting my entire life's work so far in to the void, never to be seen again. I think about these pictures , the mass of folders, the gigabytes of memories a couple of times a week and still feel slightly forlorn. I have managed to re-cover a small amount of my work from social media and the assorted websites where it was distributed.

I have since re-booted my photography,

it comes in waves of inspiration, that may stem from the smallest visual que.

But is ever present in my life, whether i decide to leave the camera at home or take it out with me, the decision is still present and welcome in my life